Windham Community & Senior Center

1 Jillson Square, Willimantic, CT 06226


Yoga, with regular practice you can build muscle strength, improve flexibility, balance and co-ordination.  Yoga can also be good for your mental health and wellbeing, helping to calm the mind by connecting to the breath, easing away stress. 

Yoga, is a personal practice even when in a class with other people, breathing and moving in a way that suits you, adjusting the movements and poses in the best way to benefit you.  Yoga, combining breathing exercises, yoga poses and focusing within, allows us to bring harmony to our body and mind and joy to our spirit.

Classes are held at the Multi Purpose/Exercise room at the Windham Commuity & Senior Center, it is a fairly large space allowing for social distancing, masks are optional.  Membership to the Windham Community Rec. Dept IS NOT required to attend my Yoga or SilverSneakers classes.

If you are new to yoga, the 2 videos below, "EXPERIENCE BREATHING DEEPLY" and "HELP I CAN'T SIT CROSSED-LEGGED" you may find very helpful.  

Most people of all ages and flexibility can benefit from yoga, however, it is ALWAYS recommended to check with your physician before starting any exercise program.

Certified 500hr Kripalu Yoga Teacher - Licensed SilverSneakers Flex Instructor 


​​​​​​ Yoga with Carole ​


What to wear?
Comfort is the key word.  Wear clothing that is non-restrictive that allows you to move freely.  Generally, any exercise clothing is good.  Don't wear items that will restrict your movement such as tight jeans, belts, etc.  Yoga is practiced in bare feet.

What do I need?
A yoga mat.  Yoga props such as a yoga blanket, yoga blocks and a yoga strap may be very helpful.  

Can I eat before class?
It is best not to eat a full meal 2 hours before class or a light snack 1 hour before class.  Yoga does not feel good on a full stomach!

When should I arrive for class?
Try to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to class.  This will give you time to sign in and settle down.