Carole Horwell
Kripalu Yoga Teacher

member of the Kripalu Yoga and Ayurveda Association
No Classes March 23rd  - 27th
Please Note - Class location and time changes starting Monday March 30th

Kripalu Yoga helps to:

  • Ease tense muscles.
  • With regular practice, you will improve your flexibility and  gain more body strength.
  • It will help you with your balance and coordination.
  • Improve your cardiovascular fitness.
  • Yoga postures combined with breathing techniques stimulate the circulation, the digestion, the nervous and endrocrine systems of the body.
  • You will discover it increases your level of energy and vitality.
  • You will find it helps to improve your memory and your concentration.
  • It helps strengthen the immune system.
  • Learn how to relax both body and mind.
  • You will experience an overall sense of well-being.
  • It's a low-key work out. 
  • It’s enjoyable exercise.
  • You will feel great! 
  • It’s FUN!

"Introduction To Yoga"

New to Yoga?
Not quite sure what it is all about?
Not sure if it is for you?
Like to find out more,
before attending a public class?

to give yoga a try is the first step.  It’s easy to get stuck here, though,
don’t get intimidated!
This session provides you with all the basics, enough information to help you get comfortable, to enable you to take the next step of going to a public class,
so that you can start enjoying the pleasures and benefits of a regular yoga practice.  Includes the
yoga basics, the format of a yoga class, how to sit and move comfortably,
basic deep breathing techniques,
beginner yoga postures and much more.

45 minutes

Private - $45.00 one person
2 people - $25.00 per person
3 people - $20.00 per person
4 people - $17.50 per person

 e-mail me via my Contact Page


What to wear?
Comfort is the key word.  Wear clothing that is non-restrictive that allows you to move freely.  Generally, any exercise clothing is appropriate.  Don't wear items that will restrict your movement such as jeans, belts and excessive jewelry.  Shoes not required, Yoga is practiced in bare feet. 

What to bring?

Bring your yoga mat.  Spare ones are available at class, if you don't have one.  Yoga blankets and other props such as blocks, straps etc., are provided in class.  You may wish to bring a water bottle. 

Can I eat before class?

It is best not to eat a full meal 2 hours before class or a light snack 1 hour before class.  Yoga does not feel good on a full stomach!

When should I arrive for class?

Try to arrive at class about 5 minutes before it is due to start.  This will give you time to sign in and settle down.  Since classes start with centering (a time of quiet) arriving late can be quite distracting to your fellow students, so if you are late, please enter as quietly as possible.

Yoga Class Etiquette:

Be considerate of your fellow students, remember to turn off your cell phone.  Do not wear heavy fragrances, as others may be sensitive or allergic to them.

It's been almost a year since I discovered Yoga with Carole.  What I notice is that when I've done yoga, I feel taller and some muscles in my back have come alive, gotten much looser than they were.  At first I thought I'd never be able to do some of the postures, and, just naturally over time, I found my way.  What I love about Carole's teaching is that she develops good workouts, offers modifications if we need them, and constantly reminds us to be mindful of our own pace.  It is interesting how, at the end of a session with Carole, one can feel better physically and emotionally.  Issues that may have seemed important before
 the class seem to lessen in their intensity after an hour with Carole in her class.  I've made a commitment to myself to do yoga for the rest of my life.   Virginia Fulton, Windham Center,
 with Carole has added such a positive dimension to my life. I have always been active with hiking, strength training at the gym, and gardening. But as a 62 year old woman, I lacked flexibility and balance. Yoga provides both and more.  It is such a wonderful way to truly connect with your body. The classes are offered in a lovely, peaceful setting. Carole provides instruction with such calmness and grace, encouraging each of us in our yoga practice, but always mindful of our physical limitations and providing alternative ways to move into postures.  I can't think of a better way to spend an hour a week. No matter 
what age or physical state, we can all receive the benefits of yoga. I encourage anyone to try a class.
Deb Russel. Windham Center, CT
May 2011
Yoga is the best thing I have done in a long time. I do Chair Yoga and not only has it gotten me stronger but has taught me to be able to deal with stress.
   The most important  thing it has done for me is to help me breath better.  Last July I got very sick and I was on oxygen 24/7 and with the help of yoga breathing I am now able to go 6 to 7 hours a day with out the help of oxygen.  I am also able to walk over a mile without the aid of oxygen.  Dan Chace

 May 2014 - Still Going Strong!

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