I went to my first yoga class at the age of 50, that is now 20 years ago!  Yoga has been a very important part of my life ever since.  It has helped me to become aware of my physical and mental well being.  Yoga inspires me to try to live each day more mindfully.

I completed my 500 hour Yoga Teaching at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health and have been teaching since 2008.  In my classes, I try to combine a spirit of playfulness and a dose of inspiration to help you deepen your own practice. It is my hope is that you leave class feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced.

Kripalu Yoga use breathing exercises and yoga poses in a relatively gentle fashion, with the level of difficulty determined by the student.  It is a creative and skillful blend of classical hatha yoga postures, breathing practices, and relaxation techniques.

Hope to see you in class soon, Carole

For several years I have been benefiting from Carole’s morning intermediate yoga class. Even though I enjoy working with other teachers, Carole brings special gifts to her teaching. Her voice is very soothing and her accent very calming to me. I often learn more about very familiar postures and thus able to benefit more as Carole so thoroughly explains them. Her classes are always well organized and the postures build on one another from class to class.  I appreciate both the spiritual and physical benefits of her instruction. The calmness that Carole provides helped me cope with my mother’s death a year ago as well as physically helping me through a recent episode of sciatica. She is a caring person as well as a great teacher.
I also appreciate that classes are paid for individually, so I don’t have to be concerned if my schedule does not allow me to attend.  Ann K, Storrs, CT 

Being a local physical therapist, I have long held yoga in high esteem.  Anything that promotes strength, flexibility and balance for all ages, abilities and body types- I'm in!  I started coming to Carole's classes a couple of years ago and fully admire her abilities.  Her classes are fun, challenging and never boring.  She brings a variety of movement and postures to keep each class unique, yet works every single part every time. Breathing techniques are fully incorporated for relaxation as well as with movement.  She is a true teacher of yoga, giving mindful encouragements and guidance to self discovery.  Not only does she work the physical being, she works your mental/spiritual self as well, inviting introspection in your own way. You leave with  a sense of improved health, inside and out, every time.  Carole's radiant smile shows how much she loves what she teaches. May she continue to do so for many more years!  

Judy G, RPT  Storrs 

It's amazing that it's been 10 years since my first Yoga with Carole testimonial.

All the benefits I attributed to yoga practice as a 62 year old woman back then are now even more beneficial to me as I approach 72 years. Carole continues to provide her instruction with calmness, grace, and

humor. She encourages and challenges us as we move through our postures. With awareness that some of us have physical limitations, she stresses that this is  not a competition and always provides alternative ways to experience yoga. The practice improves flexibility, balance and

mindfulness, with focus on the breath.

It is an integral and essential part of my weekly health regimen.

2018, Deb R, Windham   

I've taken classes with many yoga teachers.  For me, Carole is perfect.  She helps me to relax into my time in class and leave my troubles and concerns behind for a while, allowing a new perspective.  She helps me physically with stretching and poses that take more muscle than I knew I had.  She helps me to strive for better form in the poses, using the correct muscles.  Several of us use the Chair Yoga class as "rehab yoga" while recovering from injuries or surgeries.  Even chair yoga can give you a workout. In addition, Carole is fun!  We find ourselves laughing during class, especially when we're in some impossible-looking pose and she exhorts us to "Smile!"  Her relentlessly positive attitude about life is very uplifting.  I love to come to class.
Sandy G  - Mansfield 

For over ten years, I have honored my own body and mind through Carole's Yoga practice. That span of time is now almost 1/8 of my life, a far healthier and more joyous life. We are  a Pranayama breath away from being ongoing stewards of our own selves (St. Paul), allowing us to reach out into the world, both physical and spiritual.
Elizabeth R. Austin, ACA, BMI

                            ​Certified 500hr Kripalu Yoga Teacher

                                  Licensed SilverSneakers Flex Instructor 

​​​​​​ Yoga with Carole ​

Kathy G:  I have been attending Carole's yoga classes for a few years and I definitely feel more flexible and focused. Carole is a very cheerful and encouraging teacher and puts a lot of work into making sure classes are pleasant, stress-free and diversified.
Thank You Carole!

​Penny G:  One of my favorite yoga studios and instructors! Carole is always mindful of pointing out modifications to the asanas and assisting when needed. Over time the improvements in my strength and flexibility have become apparent.  And there's always a little humor injected at just the right moment . . . a lovely environment to practice yoga.

Jen W:  I have been doing yoga with Carole for 10 years. She is a wonderful go at your own pace teacher. Love all her different classes

Dana K:  Her teaching style is enjoyable, easy to follow and fun! I have  been one of her students for about 10 years and highly recommend her classes.

Monica M:  Carole is an awesome yoga instructor. Her style is based on Kripalu teaching. She instructs with personal attention on all students. She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of yoga!!

Sharon G:  Not only does Carole take time to make every class different while at the same time providing a workout for all parts of the body (and mind!), she does it with flair, humor and understanding for each person's needs.  I cannot be happier that I joined her intermediate class last year and plan to make it a lifelong habit