Taking yoga with Carole is the best thing I’ve done for myself in the past decade. I am a bit of a fitness buff, so I thought stretching would be a good compliment to weight lifting. Turns out yoga is so much more than that! The postures (“asanas”) are actually life lessons and the breathing techniques are meditations on being. I never considered myself a spiritual person, but becoming a yogini has provided me with a path toward a wonderful new mindfulness. I’m a better person for it.
Carole is an excellent teacher. She is careful to plan each class so that everyone at every level—beginner to advanced—can get the most out of it. She always sets a lovely tone, reminding us to be compassionate to ourselves and others. We laugh a lot too. There’s a strong, graceful energy in these classes, which leaves you feeling invigorated rather than tired afterwards. Do yourself a favor and try it! 
Lisa Sánchez González

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Yoga with Carole has been an asset to my body, mind, and spirit for over 3 years now. I enjoy a physically active lifestyle (walking/hiking, cycling, swimming, gardening, stacking/carrying wood, etc) and Carole’s classes add the important dimensions of muscle stretching, strengthening, and flexibility. Even with a weekly Intermediate Yoga session, the improvement in my balance makes me happy. I am always motivated to get to class and practice under Carole’s guidance with kindred spirits. I appreciate the drop-in aspect vs. committing to a series of classes, though I hardly ever miss one. Routines and poses are both predictable and changeable, sometimes giving us the option of further challenging ourselves. Modifications in postures are often given for those who need or choose them, and Carole reminds us not to compare ourselves to others and that it’s always our individual practice. I have also greatly enjoyed Level I Kripalu Vinyasa Flow, Restorative Yoga, and guided meditation sessions. Carole’s positive energy permeates the room and attracts the same in class participants. Her calm tone of voice and choice of background music are aspects that make the experience even more pleasant. She reminds us to adjust our positions when needed as a group vs. singling people out and helps with that, respectfully and if we opt for help, when the class is small enough. Additional reminders to breathe and smile are given with humor and do bring smiles! At the end of Carole’s sessions I am both relaxed and rejuvenated, great energies to carry forth for the day and longer. Thank you, Carole!   Dianne Virga - Storrs   2018

I have been taking yoga with Carole regularly for almost four years.  I find her classes extremely beneficial in maintaining flexibility and building strength as well as quieting the mind.  Carole offers a variety of postures every week and suggestions modifications, both for those students who are not as flexible and those who are ready to expand their practice.  Her soothing voice and lovely mix of quiet music are designed to bring her students quickly into the right frame of mind for their yoga practice.  While having her students hold the postures, Carole keeps up a running commentary, explaining where we should be experiencing our “edge” and what parts of our bodies should be tightened or relaxed, cleverly distracting us from how long we are in the pose!  I would recommend her classes (and have done so many times!) to those who are new to the practice of yoga as well as those who seek a consistency in their guided practice. 
Kathie Newcombe, Hampton CT. 2016

 A peaceful, upbeat, relaxed atmosphere with no criticism, pressure or feelings of failure and always reassurance that the body reacts  differently during each practice to yoga postures.
Marion Beausoliel
Lebanon, CT  2016

For several years I have been benefiting from Carole’s morning intermediate yoga class. Even though I enjoy working with other teachers, Carole brings special gifts to her teaching. Her voice is very soothing and her accent very calming to me. I often learn more about very familiar postures and thus able to benefit more as Carole so thoroughly explains them. Her classes are always well organized and the postures build on one another from class to class.  I appreciate both the spiritual and physical benefits of her instruction. The calmness that Carole provides helped me cope with my mother’s death a year ago as well as physically helping me through a recent episode of sciatica. She is a caring person as well as a great teacher.
I also appreciate that classes are paid for individually, so I don’t have to be concerned if my schedule does not allow me to attend.  Ann Kouatly, Storrs, CT  February 2018

I go to chair yoga class. Carole is a wonderful teacher. She is kind and caring. She has a great sense of humor ,and makes me feel very relaxed. She is amazing how every class is a little bit different , she is not boring. I recommend her highly. You will feel a hundred percent better for taking her class. 
Pauline Kelly    2018

Love, love, love my yoga with Carole.

I attend 3 times a week and feel fitter and healthier.  I never miss the opportunity to attend a restorative practice and yoga nidra, guided meditation practice, most

wonderful relaxing experiences.

Jen Webster, Storrs, CT  2016

I've taken classes with many yoga teachers.  For me, Carole is perfect.  She helps me to relax into my time in class and leave my troubles and concerns behind for a while, allowing a new perspective.  She helps me physically with stretching and poses that take more muscle than I knew I had.  She helps me to strive for better form in the poses, using the correct muscles.  Several of us use the Chair Yoga class as "rehab yoga" while recovering from injuries or surgeries.  Even chair yoga can give you a workout. In addition, Carole is fun!  We find ourselves laughing during class, especially when we're in some impossible-looking pose and she exhorts us to "Smile!"  Her relentlessly positive attitude about life is very uplifting.  I love to come to class.

Sandy Gallo  Mansfield   2018

Being a local physical therapist, I have long held yoga in high esteem.  Anything that promotes strength, flexibility and balance for all ages, abilities and body types- I'm in!  
I started coming to Carole's classes a couple of years ago and fully admire her abilities.
Her classes are fun, challenging and never boring.  She brings a variety of movement and postures to keep each class unique, yet works every single part every time. Breathing techniques are fully incorporated for relaxation as well as with movement.
She is a true teacher of yoga, giving mindful encouragements and guidance to self discovery.  Not only does she work the physical being, she works your mental/spiritual self as well, inviting introspection in your own way. You leave with  a sense of improved health, inside and out, every time.  Carole's radiant smile shows how much she loves what she teaches. May she continue to do so for many more years!

Judy Graham, RPT  Storrs  Feb 2018

Certified 500hr Kripalu Yoga Teacher & SilverSneakers Flex Instructor

For over ten years, I have honored my own body and mind through Carole's Yoga practice. That span of time is now almost 1/8 of my life, a far healthier and more joyous life. We are  a Pranayama breath away from being ongoing stewards of our own selves (St. Paul), allowing us to reach out into the world, both physical and spiritual.
Elizabeth R. Austin, ACA, BMI


Carole Horwell ​

 It's amazing that it's been 10 years since

 my first Yoga with Carole testimonial. All

 the benefits I attributed to yoga practice

 as a 62 year old woman back then are now

 even more beneficial to me as I approach   72 years. Carole continues to provide her

 instruction with calmness, grace, and     humor. She encourages and challenges us

 as we move through our postures. With

 awareness that some of us have physical

 limitations, she stresses that this is not a

 competition and always provides alternative

 ways to experience yoga. The practice

 improves flexibility, balance, and

 mindfulness, with  focus on the breath. It is

 an integral and essential part of my weekly

 health regimen. 
 Deb Russel   2018